True Booking Engine Software Features at a glance

Reservation With Online Booking

Payment Confirmation SMS OR Email

Automatic Reservation Confirmation SMS or EMAIL

Booking Details

Cancellation Payment Details

Commission free online booking

Multi property support

Fully plug in for your website

Mobile Support

PMS Integration

Receive guest reviews and feedback

Reply to customer comments

Why Should You Opt for True Booking Engine Software?

Are you worried about losing customers by not being able to cater to their booking requests? Are you worried that the lack of online presence has affected your growth? Do you wonder what more could you do to expand your reach?

Well, the answer to all your solutions lie in a one-word answer: Digital. With everything going online, it’s time you start exploring other options to ensure you don’t lose customers while you keep the line busy by ensuring your inventory is fully stocked. People don’t like to wait, even more so when everything they need is just a click away. In such a scenario, web presence in terms of search availability for your Hotel or restaurant, is something that will always keep the doors of your business open, even if you want the ringer to be silent.

The best part, you can forget about headache of ensuring the payment is made or not, or the booking fee is received or still waiting for a client to confirm on your quotation. Also gone are the days when you have to manually check the availability of rooms or services, as our booking engine gives you the current status of the entirety of your business in just a few clicks.

With mobile support available, and complete integration with PMS, this product also serves you well in accumulating the best of the customers’ reviews and address the worst of your complaints and everything in between, and all that on ONE PLATFORM! You can also completely integrate this engine with your website.

In summary, this package completely simplifies several of your day to day duties, so that you can completely focus on your business, and leave the trivial things such as micromanaging to the best software in the market: THMS!

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