Toll Plaza Software Features at a glance

Booth Management

Shift Management


Shift Open/Close

Fast Tag System Management

QR Bar Code

Return Bill Management


Why Should You Opt for Toll Plaza Software?
Booth Management
  • User Wise Booth Management
  • Records of every Vehicle Category
  • Records of every Route of Vehicle
Shift Management
  • Scheduling Shifts
  • Different Shifting Facility
  • 2 Shift (8AM - 8PM) (8PM - 8AM)
  • 3 Shift (as per timing)
  • Billing Transactions
  • Billing according to booth counter
  • As per Vehicle
  • As per Route
Shift Open/Close
  • Auto SMS Send Facility
  • Opening and Closing Shift Facility
  • Recording transactions in a shift
  • Management of transaction as per shifting
Fast Tag System Management
  • Membership Management
  • Card Creation
  • Balance Deposition
  • Management of balance as per card
  • Managing transaction of balance used by Customer

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