GYM Management Software Features at a glance

Contract facilitation with new OTA

Ability to connect with as many channels

Connectivity with OTA as well as PMS

Capability to change prices based on allocation change

Promotion management

Support multiple users and properties

24X7 customer support

Tax customization per channel

Why Should You Opt for GYM Management Software?

Built-In CRM Management:

In-built CRM features lets you store information about your members in the system. Having such data within your reach allows you to tailor your services to your clients, especially those with unique fitness programs.

Searching, adding, editing or we can say managing data easy on just clicks. Keeping track of entire customers with a CRM to manage entire sales process from potential lead to happy customer

Additionally, one can utilize the CRM module for sending emails to customers about special offers and promotions.

Billing & Invoicing Management

We provide simple ways just to create bill Forget having manual billing maintenance or excel sheet working for bill Flexible enough to Create, edit and cancel invoices of every membership.

We also have an option to collect partial payments.

Biometrix System

Biometric Access Control system allows or disallows access to members or we can say Sync attendance from biometric data automatically based on different factors like tracking member and staff attendance and work hours. Maintain attendance logs of customers. Send SMS to absentees. Track present & absent members.

Attendance Tracking

Only way to track and sync the data of customer is the functionality handles by GYM management software. QR Code helps in keeping a track on every member’s sessions and other group session-based membership, thus avoiding leakages

Diet Planner

Dietitian can plan a diet or trainer can design a workout card all are possible by GYM Management Software. East to view or memorise for a particular client.

Reports and analytics

Helps you in analyzing your data, balances, renewals, incomes etc Daily Summary reports Submission of daily summary report to gym owners every day. The summary will have information's like total sales, newly joined members today, expenses today, Free trials, Enquiries and more. In-depth Analysis and Reports Measure your business growth in-depth with custom reports made from time to time. We provide type of custom reports for customer to measure business grown. Also provides downloading your reports in different formats.

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