Coffee Shop Management Software Features at a glance

Restaurant Billing (like dining / take away / packing and self service)

KOT and BOT Management (multiple KOT support)

NC Billing Management

Table transfer / Merge Management

Delivery Report, delivery boy wise daily collection with delivery time management

All kinds of billing link with LMS/OMS with CRM Management

SMS/Email Facility

KOT once screen display option

Touch panel/ normal panel billing option

Split Bill/ KOT Transfer Management

Cash Drawer/Magnetic Barcode Reader supported

A one stop solution for all your cafe's management problem, is our Cafe management software.

If you feel that at times, it's becoming too hectic for you to manage your tables and tips at the same time, all the while being worried about the pending bill for the table number N, then you are at the right place, as our Café Management Software is the medicine that relieves you of your headache.

With advance features like NC billing management, delivery report, CRM linking and SMS and e-Mail facility for your most loyal customers, you not only add ease of management but you also ensure that you reflect to your customers the professional that you are.

With the concept of splitting the bills among friends now taking on, you can do so yourselves, all the while relieving the troubles of your customers, which they came for, and get a bonus add-on for being the one service that caters to every need of every single customer.

Our highly customizable software, can easily adapt to your needs, and give you the ease with which you want to operate your café. You can customize the bills to beautiful templates, BOT and KOT management and even micromanage in terms of transferring tables and keep track of each day’s delivery and inventory. In short, it is the complete package for each and every aspect of your business.

A highly economical product, if worries you about training your employees for this new tech, we are ready to give a free demo, and if you feel any new feature has to be added to cater to your needs, we can do that too! Just leave a message to our customer support team and we’ll get back to you in no time.

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