Billing & Inventory Management Software Features at a glance

Purchase Requisition

PO (Purchase Order) Management

Vendor wise rate

Set indent management

Purchase Management

Issue department and retence wise

Edit/view purchase/issue

Item wastage management

Department wise stock management

Vendor payment management

All related reports

Barcode purchase management

Minimum stock/ non moving item and expire date item management

Why Should You Opt for Billing & Inventory Management Software?

True Inventory management Software is an ideal software which is used to maintain the inventory of an organization. This software supervises the flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses and from these to the sale. True Inventory Management Software is to keep a detailed record of each new or returned product as it enters or leaves a warehouse or point of sale. This software covers all the needs of customer.


Centric Database

Quick searc

Quick reports

Centric database for all transactions

Less paper work

Potential for Growth

Avoid Excess and less Buying

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