Website Develpment , Solutions and Promotions

In this Internet era Web applications are most popular. Where there used to be simple static pages, now are serious, dynamic, data-driven applications supporting sophisticated business processes. These applications have become cornerstone in everything from building a trust- based relationship with the customers to supporting companies’ infrastructure.

Truelogics Infotech Private Limited we provide rapid development of web applications to the clients of all sizes from small start-up to large companies. We deliver solutions that take advantage of latest technologies to bring you and your customers the best in web experience.

We believe in Work, not mere assurance. The clients’ main stress is always on the execution of their project within the prescribed time-schedules with utmost care taken for quality. By performing as such, we have developed good customer-relationships with our clients; and we update our services as per their directions and feedback. To maintain the relationship we always keep in touch with them and they are always free to communicate with us as and when necessary.

We also deals with all such problems that the client is facing after the execution of the project, whether it may be related to the technology, planning, any management-related affairs, Security matters and Speed and to cope with the ever-changing environment in the market. So, in short we take care of all the technological and management of the clients’ Project, the way they wish.

The web based applications we provide are

  • Information System
  • Extranet and Intranet software
  • Static and Dynamic Websites and Software’s
  • E- Commerce / E- Business
  • Content Management System
  • Database Management System