About Truelogics

Truelogics Infotech was founded in Jaipur, Rajasthan in 2005. The idea was to bring next-gen technology that empowered different segments of service industry .We majorly follow the finance strategy of Activity based Cost to analyze the market standards and improve the profitability of Business.

Since 2005, Truelogics has become a team of highly motivated and experienced Technical experts with the aim to become the leading and trusted resource for information, training, applications, and technologies in the Service industry. Truelogics is a team of talented, technology-driven professionals, who're passionate about working in the Service industry.

We are covering Hotel and Retail software’s in service industry also E-Commerce, Web design, Web Application development and various services for computer running platforms. We offer our customers the best quality at the minimum possible time and with a best Return for the cost they have incurred. We help ambitious, entrepreneurial, and customer-oriented Business owners to save time and efforts with the best technology solutions and advice.

We offer our customers the best quality (possible to be provided by us) at the minimum possible time and with a best Return for the cot they have incurred.

While executing the work, we strictly follow the guidelines of designing and take proper care that, standards of Quality and efficiency have been followed. With our highly experienced team and applying the latest technologies, we are able to complete our projects successfully and with cost and time reduction.

The success in any field or of any organization mainly depends upon the Customer –Retention in addition to making new clients, since the survival in the market mainly depends upon the Credit-Standing and Goodwill of that firm. So, our motto is to provide the best possible service with the best possible time at minimum cost.